Museum of Random Memory
at AoIR 2018

The Museum of Random Memory is coming to the Association of Internet Researchers 2018 in Montreal (Canada).

Wanna donate a memory?
Is there something you’d like to remember or forget?
Is there a song, a conversation, a photo that you’d rather not remember?
Is there an image stuck in your head? A ringtone you’ve always hated?
Are there people that we want to forget?
Are there people who have been forgotten or left out?
Is there data that has been lost and should be remembered?
Or is there data that should be forgotten but we can’t get rid of it?
Give it to us! Submit it to the Archive!

You can donate in various ways:

Dig through your spare drawer of 'dead tech' and bring some materiality to add to our pile.

Call our hotline and give us your sounds and stories.
+1 978 315 5620 (USA)
+44 1254 786676 (United Kingdom)
+45 78 75 66 76 (Denmark)
+1 807 790 6676 (Canada)

Click below to select and upload a file: